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This is a perfect project for Ballard.  Everything is here.  Sure, it's a lot of work, everybody says that, but it's a unique ship, it's something that needs to be done.  This is a boat that deserves to be saved.

The USN removed her from service in 1974.  Now, after thirty years, she is running again.  We acquired Red Cloud in early 2008.  By August the entire hull was painted and zincs replaced.

Restoring the Red Cloud into a modern yacht for pleasure, charter and lodging is already an adventure.  Workers are being careful to build on the lines of classic character while re-inventing her function, use and style. The challenge is how you enhance her traditional feature set while creating an 1890’s theme and spirit for the vessel, in effect, transforming the original layout, systems and war time period style.  While difficult, its not impossible.  The whole project is about the creation of a fully operational, turn of the century passenger vessel immersed in good old fashioned ambiance.  We will aim for the feeling of high service quality, style and luxury customarily enjoyed only by the past privileged on Cunard, White Star and Hamburg-America lines.

We hope you find our work entertaining and interesting.